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  • 👋 Welcome to Curri's API docs. We have a team of helpful, friendly staff to help get you up and running
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  • 🔒 Millions of requests pass through our API every month, so trust that you can build your business atop Curri
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What can the Curri API do?

Our APIs allow you to programmatically summon any of our vehicle offerings, from sedans to pickup trucks, sprinter vans, box trucks, flatbeds, dry vans, and everything in between.

The flow for booking a delivery is as follows:

  1. request a quote
  2. evaluate the duration and the price
  3. book the delivery, sending over details (manifest, contacts, etc.).

While a delivery is in progress, you can follow along its progression in one of three ways:

  • Open up the live tracking link
  • Poll the API
  • Subscribe to webhooks

API Overview

Our API provides you the ability as a developer to create new deliveries and administer all your deliveries.

Here's what you can accomplish with the Curri API:

  • Get a quote for a delivery
  • Book a delivery
  • Book a multi-stop delivery (MSD)
  • Update a delivery
  • Cancel a delivery
  • Get a delivery by ID
  • List all deliveries


  • All fees and prices in U.S. cents
  • All distances in meters
  • All durations in seconds
  • All dates/times formatted in simplified extended ISO format (ISO 8601)